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Second Part

* This is the separate list sites may wish to provide a LINK to on their site. It is the current list that we will be working from in the next Big Weekend. Please note it contains highly offensive material. More will undoubtedly be added nearer the time of the Big Weekend.*  


*Instructions on how to flag & report now follow*:

Create YouTube Account - Click on one of the links provided below and then follow these simple instructions to flag each video

#1 Dislike the video (thumbs down)
#2 Move across to Flag icon to your right & click it.
#3 A drop down box will appear. Select 'hateful or abusive content.'
#4 From there, move your cursor across to the right and select: 'Promotes Hatred or Violence'
#5 A further drop down list will appear:

- age
- color
- disability
- ethnic origin
- gender identity
- national origin
- race
- religion
- sex
- sexual orientation
- veteran status

You can select either race, gender identity, or sexual orientation, as these you tube users are promoting a gross falsehood about Michael Jackson and sexual abuse, and are often racist and homophobic. Your choices here are not ideal but YouTube will not accept your report if you do not make a selection.

2) Target, flag and report these videos:
"(Rare Footage) Michael Jackson F*ckin a baby and Gwar sticks a sword in its vag*na at Skatopia "        " Rip little man again."     "Michael Jackson Jokes Part 1"   "Michael Jackson Jokes Part 2"   "How Creepy is Michael Jackson's New Poem?"    "I hate MJ [Spoof -TACULAR]"    "Rest in Hell MichaelJackson."    "So you think I care that a child rapist is dead."   "Proof that Michael Jackson is a molester."  (Ultra Propofol)
"Proof that Michael Jackson is a molester"   (Suzie Cocktail)"
"Proof Michael Jackson was a child molester"   (glompabitch)
"Michael Jackson child molester" (fast voice)
"Exclusive Michael Jackson Pedophile?"
"Michael Jackson Pedophile"
"Michael Jackson in pictures "(AWeakEye)
"Rip Michael Jackson, the World's Greatest Pedophile part 2!!!!"
"Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Proof."
"home alone with pervert jackson"
" Michael Jackson- Pedophile Poem- Hilarious!"
"RIP Michael Jackson, the WORLD"S Greatest Pedophile!!!! "
"Michael Jackson Is Dead - Pedophile Profile"
"Smooth Pedophile - Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Parody"
"Michael Jackson Had No Balls Pt.2"
"Michael Jackson Confesses at Neverland"
"Michael Jackson Puppet Show"
"Michael Jackson Had No Balls Pt.1 "
"Katt Williams - Fuck Michael Jackson"
" katt williams - michael jackson"
"Michael Jackson Statement"
"Michael Jackson Talk Show Appearance"
"Morphine Jackson shares his bed"
"Morphine Jackson Caught on Tape! Bad Lip Syncing!"
"Michael Jackson Is In Hell"
"Michael Jackson died and went to Hell!"
"Burn in hell Michael Jackson"
"Michael Jackson is now burning in Hell"
"Michael Jacksons Dead Thank God"
"IMissYouAll09 announcement"
"Michael Jackson Openly Admits he's a pedo"

"Michael Jackson's Exclusive Interview with MJNO MJNEWSONLINE "
"Michael Jackson IS the Father"
"Was Michael Jackson a Tranny?"
"Is Michael Jackson a White Tranny??"
" Michael Jackson Abused Terry George "
"Michael and friend appeal for common sense"
"Michael Jackson."
"Wacko Jacko speaks for himself"
"A message from [Micheal]"
"Coprophagia - Michael Jackson Can't Fuck Kids Anymore "
"Who gives a fuck about Michael Jackson?"
"YouTube Poop Michael Jackson"
"Welcome to my world - AGAIN!"
"Corkkae Hates MJ"
"katt williams (michael jackson)please"
"Funny Animation -Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Animation"
"Fuck Michael Jackson (Rest in Piss)"
"michael jackson is gay - part 1"
"michael jackson is gay - part 2"
"Michael Jackson is Gay?"
"Michael Jackson Gay"
"Fuck Michael Jackson."
"AlfonsoSorryano Apologize to Michael for my stupid video"
"Peter King On Michael Jackson: "Hes a Pedophile"
"Michael Jackson's Thriller"
"Beat It - Michael Jackson"
"Michael Jackson admits to being a Pedo"
"Woman Transforms Into Michael Jackson!"
"Real Michael Jackson molestation tape"
"Michael Jackson Child Molester Photos of His Boy Lovers "
"Do You Really Think Michael Jackson Was A Pedophile??"
"Michael Jackson is a lowlife"
" Michael Jackson BURNING IN HELL "
" Michael Jackson is now burning in Hell "

3:)Target, flag and report these users:

Please Note:

* Please note this last user is not the MJJJusticeProject we all know but a troll impersonator*

Please spread the message to follow @MJJJusticePrjct  for news on when the next Big Weekend YT clean up will take place far and wide.  

Thank you all for your help.

"If we don't do it.. WHO will?"




Why the effort to clean YouTube matters

First Part


 Why the effort to clean YouTube matters: 


Firstly, thank you to Cadeflaw  for helping to publicize this campaign.  Any increased awareness you and your members can bring to the effort both on and off Twitter to reducing the amount of offensive material dedicated to Michael Jackson and his children on YouTube -- is both necessary and gratefully received:


The Message:


The statistics @MJJJusticePrjct and their members have collated so far indicate that a significantly higher proportion of YouTube videos were banned at the 1st Big Weekend YT clean-up because much higher numbers reported and flagged.

The statistics also seem to show that a concentrated, impressive effort over a shorter time span -- like a weekend -- is what yields the more dramatic results


In short: It was the huge numbers on Big Weekend #1 which gave the great results we saw.


This message is basically a call to all MJ fans to come together when @MJJJusticePrjct next calls a Big Weekend and asks for help in the clean-up drive. We understand if you cannot flag and report daily -- but we are hoping enough of you can spread this message: 


 To follow @MJJJusticePrjct on twitter so you can be aware when the next Big Weekend YT clean-up is being promoted.


We all know that with the impending Murray trial that most people's attention will be focused on that --- and rightly so. The next Big Weekend drive -- and subsequent ones -- will NOT interfere with that, but we do think it's important for people to remember this:


Michael's children are getting older now and they will undoubtedly be curious. With the recent rumours that the children may be on Twitter -- although as yet unsubstantiated -- it is highly likely they will venture onto the web at some point in the future if they are not already doing so.


It is unthinkable, let me repeat unthinkable, that they should be confronted by the horrific messages and imagery that we have all seen in the videos on the flag and report lists. 


This next bit is said as an observation and with no judgment:  A lot of people on Twitter, FB (and elsewhere) say they are here for Michael Jackson's legacy. Well, that legacy includes and is Michael's children. In a very real sense, while most of the public still cannot get their head around the reality of Michael's innocence, his children are an uncomfortable anomaly that undermines and throws up as yet unspoken questions about the lies they were sold -- and more importantly -- believed.


The protection of their mental and emotional health is as important as the care they are receiving within their family framework.  By helping to clean up the filth that exists on YouTube and playing your part in reducing the massive amount of contemptible material that violates and debases Michael's name and character -- you do something amazing.


 And by participating in the Big Weekends you demonstrate this truth:  Love is action done with loving intent.


We won't lie to you -- it will not be possible to clean all of it. But we can clean significant amounts if we do it together and remember why we are doing it. 


On a separate post on this site and on @MJJJusticePrjct 's timeline on Twitter the videos for the next Big Weekend are listed. If you see videos that are NOT on the list above and you think they constitute abuse of Michael Jackson, please send them to @MJJJusticePrjct. All the details you need to flag and report will be included in their twitlongers.

For those that wish to continue daily cleaning please feel free, but the overriding point of this message is this:


 It is the large numbers that participate in the less frequent Big Weekend clean-ups that actually make the difference. They send a clear message to YouTube administrators of where to clean AND what to clean.  


We hope you will join us for the next Big Weekend clean-up, in greater numbers -- ready, able and willing to take the time to help stop the continued abuse of Michael Jackson and support his children’s' right not to see their father violated and desecrated on YouTube.

This work cannot be done without you.   Thank you.