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Protecting and Preserving the Legacy of the Deceased. The TRUTH is everything.

CaDefLaw 2012 Twitter Campaign

The purpose of this twitter campaign is to attain worldwide support for CaDefLaw and to bring awareness to this important law which; will protect and preserve the legacies of the deceased. 

CaDefLaw’s goal, at present, is to specifically target California residents. Our advocacy is narrow and specific. We want to have a law passed in California, for NOW, allowing for family members of defamed deceased people to sue for civil damages. Our reputation is our legacy also! 

CADeflaw’s goal is simple. We wish to include the deceased among those who can be legally defamed in California and give their families a statute upon which to base a civil cause of action. 

Friday, May 25, 2012 – starting at 10am

Saturday, May 26, 2012 – starting at 2pm


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2300 Make a Pact "Dresses from Neverland" campaign

2300 Make A Pact

Money Donations for "Dresses from Neverland"

Hello! :) We've received requests from many of you wishing to make a money donation instead of a materials donation for our "Dresses from Neverland" campaign. 

We're working directly with Rachel Eggum Cinader, the Founder of Dress a Girl Around the World on our project, so we were able to seek her advisement. If you wish to make a money donation, please write your check to Hope 4 Women International and specify that it's for the "Dresses from Neverland" account. The money will be credited to our campaign and used for our specific cause. 

We will be notified about how this money is used on our behalf. Donations are tax deductible. You'll receive a receipt for your donation from Hope 4 Kids International, the governing organization of Dress a Girl Around the World. 

Hope 4 Women International 
P.O Box 74010 
Phoenix, AZ 85087 U.S.A.

By: ‎2300 Make A Pact

Cadeflaw Interview by RevX Catherine Gross

Invincible Campaign

Positive campaign created by Lynton Guest and Debbie Francis to take Michael Jackson's Invincible album to the top; a place where it should have been all along.

Michael personally promoted this album and asked us to help him. THAT we can do. 



The Invincible Year


Christmas: Introduce a friend to Invincible

It is obvious from the research undertaken that Invincible is the least known album. We want to correct this and suggest that supporters consider purchasing Invincible for Christmas Presents from 4th November 2011 until 7th January 2012.

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Voices of Love sits down with Deborah Kunesh


Saturday, May 28 at 10:00pm - May 29 at 12:00am

Online Radio

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Voices of Love is Proud to launch its opening radio show with Reflections of the Dance owner Deborah Kunesh and Singer Clinark Dill (Tribute To Michael Jackson A Legend And A Warrior.

We will also have special guest messages from Kayta Rap Divya and Owner of Come Together Website. 

This is a show you do not want to miss. 

2pm Central Standard time
12pm Pacific Standard Time
3pm Eastern Standard Time

Join us for Our Opening Show

"There is Nothing That Can't Be Done if We Raise Our Voice As One" Michael Jackson

Make sure to create a profile at to join our chat room and have chances to call in to the show.