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                 Cadeflaw Donation Letter

To Cadeflaw members and supporters,


The work at Cadeflaw continues, and there has been great success in getting the message moving forward. We have had a few interviews, and we now have a regular column in the Dot to Dot Magazine. See the August article here:


There is ongoing work writing letters to the members of the California legislature, and most recently, the work of contacting the press in California has begun. We have printed business cards and informational postcards to enclose with our correspondence. Banners bringing attention to Cadeflaw have been created to be displayed at key events. New members are joining the initiative all the time.


All of this progress is exciting. However, it is not without cost. The printed materials, postage, envelopes, etc. all require funds. As the project has gained momentum, the expenses have grown.


In addition to the expenses for materials, there will also come a time when we will be ready to hire an attorney to take the project to the next level. We currently have a PayPal account where we can accept donations for Cadeflaw. Cadeflaw is a registered non-profit organization. All donations will be used for the expense of supplies necessary to promote the effort, and the hiring of an attorney. 


If you would like to donate to this cause, please visit our website at There is a tab for Donations, and contributions can be made through our PayPal account. If you are not comfortable with using PayPal, you may click on the Contact tab and leave a message for our Director, Mary Brookins. She can instruct you on an alternate method of helping. Any amount, no matter how small, will be considered a blessing and will help enable this project to continue to grow.


We fully expect this initiative to come to fruition, but it will come only through hard work and dedication. If you feel led to be part of the movement through a monetary donation, please visit our website. We also welcome all offers to volunteer in assisting to accomplish the many tasks that lie ahead.


A full accounting of expenditures will be available for anyone who is interested.


Thank you! 


MJ Brookins, Admin/Director

Karen Kmiecik, Finance Director

Vanessa Little, Director 

Barbara Owens, Group Secretary/Journalists