Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates

Protecting and Preserving the Legacy of the Deceased. The TRUTH is everything.

               WE THANK YOU

Over the past two years, Cadeflaw has morphed into an organization that took into account the importance of defaming the character of deceased persons and took to the task of protecting and preserving their legacies.


Throughout this period, we have also developed a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers who has put their heart, body and soul into this initiative and this organization. Because of this we, the directors, give thanks and confirm our overall gratitude to those volunteers who has donated their time, talents, tools, writings and other contributions in which they wholeheartedly gave to Cadeflaw.


Therefore, we here at Cadeflaw, would like to express our appreciation to all of the volunteers that made themselves apart of our team, worked, and assisted us in making our cause move toward becoming a reality.


MJ Brookins, Administrative Director


We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and hope you will continue to support this initiative


Karen Kmiecik - FL                      

Vanessa Little - MI                               

Barbara Owens - MI                      

Dialdancer - USA                                 

**Julie Noel - CA**                          

Karlene Jones - FL                              

Catherine Coy - USA                        

Valmai Owens, Editor/MJTP Magazine - USA           

Lauren Trainor - CA                          

Rev. Catherine Gross - IL                  

Deb Frances - UK                            

MJJusticeProjct - USA                    

Cherrelle King - USA                                

Angelica Wings - Japan                                                     

Carlygirl - CA Advocate                

Valencia Dantzler - IL (Promoter)                     

Gladdis Jones - TX                    

Erica Baker - IN                                                    

Bess Leung - (Hong Kong)                                

Monica Fader - WA                                                              

Debbie Jackson - USA                                                  

Jennifer Marino - CA

Christina Tozer - Canada                                   

Rossana Fiorito - Italy

Yomi Ace, CA                                                       

Yvonne/Justine - (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Cheri Watson - NJ                                                               

D. Nicholson - RI

Larry Nimmer, CA                                               

Martha Ames - USA                                                                                

Giulia Passaro - Italy                                           

Anna Tarchini - Italy

Billy Johnson, Jr., Yahoo Music Executive - CA

Debra Lee - CA (Marketing)                               

Keith Jackson - IN (Musician)           

Charles Thomson - Journalist (UK)

Deborah Ffrench - Journalist (UK)   

Bishop R. L. Washington - TX                           

Lynton Guest - Musician/Author (UK)                               

Firpo Carr - LA Sentinel, Journalists

Troy Denari (Netherlands) – Musician

Michael Koendan-Panday (Netherlands) – Musician/Producer/Composer


All those who follow and support @mjbrookins and @cadeflaw on twitter                                                               


All those who has joined our ‘Butterfly’ Gary, IN School Project and have become ‘Honorary Butterflies’


Amazon Thread Friends


All those who have signed Italian, American, CA, and initial petition(s)


All CA residents who signed petition to qualify CADefLaw to CA Legislative Counsel


All who supported Cadeflaw from behind the scenes


EVERY person who Represent CADefLaw all over the world