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Butterfly Playground Equipment Campaign 2013
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Goal: $30000.00 | Raised: $1515.00 Started: March 23, 2013
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Climbing, jumping and running in a structured playground environment can encourage children to become physically fit, help them overcome fear and show them what their bodies are capable of achieving. Playtime is a vital part of a child’s growth and development and the groundwork for skills that children need as adults, such as creative thinking, reasoning and socialization, may begin on a swing set or a rock wall.

The students recently moved into a newly renovated building, for school term 2012-2013. There are no flowers, trees or playground equipment for the younger children. This is a K-7th all girls’ school located in a very poverty stricken community of Gary, Indiana.

In spite of these circumstances the students continue to excel because of the principal, Pearl Prince and the teachers. That label is being peeled away and these educators celebrate the success of these children. The educators’ approach is to teach the children beyond what is expected and it has been successful.

The students have maintained excellent academic goals throughout the years because of their Principal, Pearl Prince and the teachers who sincerely care. Mrs. Prince has not allowed the children’s socioeconomic status to affect how they learn and how they see themselves. We want to support the vanguards of this school, financially, in their quest to give these children an even greater advantage to achieve their goals.

Our GOAL is to provide or assist further by placing playground equipment on the grounds for the little ones. We’ve initiated a fundraising campaign to purchase playground equipment and have it on property by August 29th of this year; and of course we don’t have much time.


However, we intend to keep campaigning pass August 25, 2013, if necessary.

Total cost of playground system is $30,000.00


Playsystem: $13,995.00

Installation: $6,600.00

Borders/Surfacing: $9,400.00

TOTAL COST: $30,000.00




Mike Catchur Kidstuff Playsystems Representative


dba OMC Solutions


Kidstuff Playsystems


5400 Miller Avenue, Gary, IN 46403


Cell: (219) 771-3540




Fax: (219) 938-3340


Email: [email protected]



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