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Cadeflaw is a non-profit organization organized for the sole purpose of advocating for a posthumous Anti-Defamation Legacy Law. Defamation offends the deceased's relatives; it exposes the family to public hatred, contempt, ridicule; it blackens the memory of their loved ones; and it provokes a breach of peace between people. 

Originally this initiative was about Michael Jackson but we believe it's morally wrong to defame the character of any deceased person. They can't defend themselves—and Cadeflaw's mission is to help those left behind who suffer emotionally and financially, to protect and preserve the legacy of their loved ones. We believe a posthumous law will provide them with that. 

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CADEflaw Advocates: Speakers Karen Kmiecik and MJ Brookins

Huckabee's Opinion When We Dehumanize Celebrities, We Dehumanize Ourselves


Cadeflaw Blogtalk Radio Shows - What's Going On (Part 1)


Christina Tozer of 'SGAA' (Stop Global Airwave Abuse)


 The memory of those deceased is being blackened with defamation and slander. Reputations of people, their memory and their families are being destroyed because of the misuse of on the "Air-waves" GLOBALLY.


What's Going On? Advocacy for the Deceased


Guest Speaker: Barbara Owens


Support Cadeflaw's lobby for a bill that will "Protect and Preserve" the legacy of the deceased.

We should be able to protect the legacy of the deceased. Those left behind can still be "Hurt".

"People don't care how much you know, they want to know how much you care." 

Cadeflaw CARES

Cadeflaw Blogtalk Radio Show - What's Going On (Vindication)


Guest Speaker: Dialdancer


Vindication of is not new. There has always been an “attempt to vivisect lies” working to restore reputations” ;by making  the public aware that there are more to the stories being told; and more to the persons legacy's than just troubled times.

We've just incorporated new tools and a modified approach with the old to deal with a Mainstream Media gone Tabloid.

But the idea of publicly vindicating remains the same regardless of advocacy group(s) name or location.   Another group which is to become a pivotal point of vindication is the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Group (CadeFlaw).  
CadeFlaw was inspired by a desire to bring about a change in what has become an accepted practice of slander without ethical boundaries nor concern for legal reprisals as the dead cannot bring civil action.
Having the California Anti-Defamation Legacy Law will become an Advocate’s newest tool in the Vindication effort.